Body Painting - Naked Women And Men In Body Painting

Picture of World Body Painting Festival

Body Painting is an art that uses the human body on the canvas. It is a type of painting or distribute the colors of the design of the human body is pleasant to the eyes of viewers. It is an artistic application of exotic colors over the parts of the body. No part of the day is now safe in body painting! But most of the work is done in the face.

The Beliefs: It is believed that the Body paintings

Beliefs: It is believed that the paintings that make our body needs extra powers sensual. Some of these paintings are considered magical powers with which ward off evil spirits, or tribal enemies. Such was the thinking of many races in the past. Today, however, painted the bodies came up with a promising festive occasions like New Year or a ball. The same practices are the predominant indigenous people living in countries like New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands and parts of Africa.

Body painting of flowers on a nude women

History: In reality, the human race as a whole is very happy to paint the body. The art form enjoyed being a prehistoric. In the past we used to paint the body with natural materials such as dyes, paints and pigments. In some cases, we use ashes, vegetable colors and clay, too.

Body Painting Art - Nude Female and Male Body Painting

When the desire to see their wishes on her face, walks over to a professional body painter. These artists paint and draw figures on the face. Among the children in front of a painting that is in fashion when attending a celebration party. The festivals are the favorite places for body painters.

In most of these paintings the curvy parts of female bodies are

If you are interested in seeing more art in the human body naked and nude paintings of men and women, please visit these links.
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